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Formation of Kerala N.G.O. Association was a long cherished dream of Civil Servants of Kerala owing allegiance to democratic national organisations having secular credentials and have pledged for National unity and integrity. Kerala N.G.O. Union which formed on 1962 was the only organisation representing almost all Non Gazetted Government Servants in Kerala till 1969. Since they failed to fulfill the aspirations of State Government Servants and kept away from agitations during the tenure of CPM lead Government Joint Council of State Service Organisations (JCSSO) formed on 1969. During 1973 when C. Achutha Menon was the Chief Minister of Kerala the leadership of Joint Council also followed the foot steps of NGO Union Leaders. Both NGO Union & Joint Council ledership were reluctant to press any genuine demands of State Government Officers before the ruling Government simply becasue their political bosses were in power. Moreover, non communist leaders were side lined and kept away from the leadership of JCSSO. At last the desperate and marginalised mojority employes ideologically close to National Democratic Secular Organisations came out of communist block and formed Kerala N.G.O Association on 27 th October 1974 at the Hindi Prachara Sabha Hall, Eranakulam. Following leaders were elected as the office bearers of Kerala NGO Association.

President Sri. T.V. Appunni Nair
Vice Presidents Sri. V.T. George
Sri. P.K. Kumaradas
General Secretary Sri. K. Karunakaran Pillai
Secretaries Sri. V.K.N. Panicker
Sri. P.S. Sathyanandan
Sri. K.P. Radhakrishnan
Treasurer Sri. C.K.C. Nambiar

The resolution unanimously adopted by the conference was unique and welcomed by the Government employees all over Kerala and the General Public.

Resolution adopted
The Kerala N.G.O Association here by Pledge to fight for the causes of State Government Employees irrespective of the Party or political formation in power. Apart from the agitations for Government Servants It resolved to fight for the working class and poor people who have been exploited for decades.

It is also decided to rally behind the ordinary public against exploitation with an aim to bring a Socilsist social order.

Our Slogan

 Fight for the Rights, Whoever be in power